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Connected Classroom Courses provide high-quality, teacher-focused, meaningful, manageable, and affordable continuing education and graduate credit for educational professionals. 


We believe professional learning: 

  • is personalized.

  • recognizes teachers as learners.

  • allows flexibility to differentiate with district-wide, building, and teacher-driven initiatives.

  • is continuous, engaging, and relevant to application in the classroom.

  • empowers and encourages teachers to design their own learning and provide feedback and changes based on individual professional learning needs.

  • places the learning needs of the teachers we serve first.

  • models the integration of technology and instruction.

  • motivates learners toward practical application and classroom implementation.

  • recognizes learning as a continuous and on-going process.

  • recognizes that learning should be fun and enjoyable!

Why choose Connected Classroom graduate courses for your licensure, professional development points, or pay scale increase needs?

Connected Classroom instructors are an amazing collection of veteran teachers who are currently in the classroom! The team was assembled and chosen for their passion, positive energy, and extensive experience with balancing students' academic, social and emotional needs in the classroom. The team recognizes that teachers have a life outside of the classroom and Connected Classroom courses give teachers the freedom and confidence to pursue a higher education, while continuing their passion in the classroom. Gone are the days of 8-16 week courses that don't give the flexibility professional educators deserve. In addition, as educators, we have all dealt with licensure, PD points and increasing our pay - we have lived the reality that most teachers PAY FOR THEIR OWN EDUCATION/PD to increase compensation. Connected Classroom instructors are committed to AFFORDABLE, MEANINGFUL, and MANAGEABLE options for teachers.

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