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Connected Classroom ED501courses work for you! 


Colorado State University - Pueblo and Connected Classroom have teamed to provide an affordable way for teachers to earn elective credits towards their fully accredited Master's in Education program. This means you can earn your M.Ed or Ed.D faster, and for less cost.

The Master of Education Online Program follows the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards core propositions and is consistent with the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards.


Credits with an outside provider like Connected Classroom means less cost to you. With deep discounts, meaning and manageable content, you'll save both TIME and MONEY. Connected Classroom is already a leader in affordable education programs - you'll benefit from tuition among the lowest in the nation and a fully accredited online Master's in Education program. 

In addition to your Connected Classroom support, CSU-Pueblo is committed the success of all students! 


Apply up to 18 credits from completed Connected Classroom ED501 courses toward your M.Ed program. You have fewer credits to complete when you start!

This online program is composed of three key areas:

  1. Core Courses (11 credits): Focus on research and professional change;

  2. Pedagogy (9 credits): Focus on literacy, differentiation of instruction, and technology; and

  3. Emphasis Area (18 credits): Selected by the graduate student. (These are the ED501 Connected Classroom courses of your choice) 

New Student Admissions:

Cindy Jones-Shoeman


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Questions? We are here for it all! 


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