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Howdy Texas Teachers!

We offer online professional development courses for teachers in Texas that are eligible for Graduate-level Professional Development Credit and CPE Credits towards Texas State License Renewal. Continuing professional education CPE Courses available in the list below.

Advance Your Salary

While you should always follow any pre-approval requirements in your district, we have helped thousands of educators across the country earn advancement on their district’s salary scale.

Texas educators can choose any of our CAEP and/or regionally accredited graduate credit partners when selecting a course and will receive a transcript and graduate credit from the university of their choice.

Renew Your License

Texas educators must renew their licenses every five years. Classroom teachers must complete 150 continuing professional education (CPE) to be eligible to renew, while educators with professional certificates must complete 200 CPE hours.

What activities count for CPE?
There are many ways to earn CPE hours.


  • undergraduate and graduate coursework through an accredited college; one semester hour is equivalent to 15 CPE hours

    • for example, a three-credit course is equal to 45 CPE hours

For more information, visit the Texas Department of Education website.

To obtain the required hours, Texas educators should:

Choose any of our CAEP and/or regionally-accredited graduate credit partners when selecting a course and gain the semester hours of credit.

Each (1) graduate credit = 15 CPE hours.


Select the Continuing Education credit type for any of our courses and choose the CPE hours option. Advancement Courses is Texas Education Agency pre-approved CPE provider #902-922

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