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INSTRUCTOR: Leah Huntley

3 Graduate Credit Hours (ED500 Level) through Colorado State Pueblo 


Catalog Description:

Is your classroom a hot mess?  Do you wish your physical space was just a little bit more efficient?  Well, let’s try to take care of some of that during this course!  Even if you have already obtained the Marie Kondo gold medal, you know that organization is an on-going and always-evolving process.  When your physical space is in order, everything else has a way of falling into place.  Let’s get one step closer to the ultimate goal:  reduce stress and increase our love of teaching!


In this four-module class, you will declutter, clean, set-up, and label:  

  • Storage spaces
  • Teacher work spaces
  • Student materials and work spaces
  • Visual displays


Required Text(s) and Other Materials:  All materials will be included in the syllabus.


Course Objectives: 

  • Identify and declutter ineffective storage spaces 
  • Devise a plan and set up storage spaces
  • Recognize and declutter inefficient teacher work spaces 
  • Arrange teacher workspaces for optimal use
  • Purge student materials that you no longer need
  • Prepare student work spaces that are easy to maintain and effective in their purpose
  • Recognize and remove visual displays that do not serve a significant purpose
  • Design and make visual displays that are useful and important to your curriculum


  • Leah Huntley is an award-winning, veteran elementary teacher. She is a total rock-star!!! Check out her bio information on the website. 

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