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Executive Functioning in the Classroom


Colorado State University - Pueblo 

3 Credit Hours

Jennifer Hair - Instructor


Course Description: 

Students with strong executive function skills hold the keys to school and social success - from attention to impulse control to time management and organization. This course is for teachers K-12 providing a practical guide to enhancing these critical skills for all students, with and without learning disabilities. Learn to help students in key executive functions: organization, homework completion, time management, study skills, impulse control, planning skills, and adaptability. This teacher-friendly course lays a clear and simple path to stronger executive skills for all students - and lasting academic and social success.


Required Texts and Other Materials: 

Executive function in the classroom: practical strategies for improving performance and enhancing skills for all students/ by Christopher Kaufman


Barnes and Noble : 


Course Objectives: 

Define executive function 

Identify and explain the core strands of executive function, and describe the range of executive skills within each strand

Discuss essential roles of attention, working memory and other executive functions in information processing

Increase knowledge and improve executive function skills in specific academic subjects: reading, math and writing

Adapt instruction and classroom structure to enhance students’ executive skills

Implement executive functioning coaching process that helps students plan, organize, and complete assignments

Develop individual behavior support plans that address underlying executive function challenges



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Executive Functioning in the Classroom

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