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The Fight Over Phonics

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Enhancing Professional Development with Online Graduate Courses

In the dynamic landscape of education, personalized professional development plays a pivotal role in empowering teachers with new knowledge and strategies. Teachers time and money is finite and precious. Choose professional development that is totally personalized - such a Create Your Own Professional Development or Professional Book Study. Both are solid choices for online graduate courses.

One area of focus that has garnered attention in recent days is phonics instruction. While the balanced literacy approach has long been a popular teaching methodology, created by Lucy Caulkins, there is a growing movement advocating for a more explicit phonics-based approach.

The Fight Over Phonics Podcast

I try very hard to carve out the time, whether while getting ready, morning commute, evening walk, or waiting for kids to finish up activities to listen to a couple of podcasts. I really like The Daily and I was so fascinated when this week's episode, The Fight Over Phonics, covered the growing controversy towards the low literacy rates among American students.

I would love to hear from our Connected Teachers on this topic! Connect with us via or visit this Facebook post to comment on the topic!

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