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Teachers are RAVING about online Graduate Courses through The Connected Classroom!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Teachers are Raving about Online Graduate Courses through The Connected Classroom!

July 2022

Happy July teachers! At this point in our KC area, a lot of our teachers have less than three full weeks before returning to pre-service and getting classrooms ready for a rockstar year! 2022-23 has to be less intense than the 2021-22 school year, correct?

Our family is winding down the summer, we had exciting news of an engagement of our oldest and traveling to four states with our 12-year old for girls’ lacrosse. We worked alongside our 21 year old all summer and our 8 year old said she knew exactly what she was going to write about her first day of school, jumping off the Black Rock Cliffs in Marquette, Michigan! We have packed it in! What kept us going sharing with teachers all summer was hearing the amazing experiences!

We absolutely love hearing from our teachers and I wanted to share some recent communication we received about our online, self-paced, affordable, graduate courses for teachers just this past month. The summer has been a whirlwind helping hundreds of teachers with thousands of hours of graduate credit for salary increase! Thank you for your motivation and inspiration! It is the mission of Connected Classroom Courses to help teachers maximize their salary in a productive and painless way!

I always tell potential Connected Classroom teachers to ask around about our online courses! Referrals and word-of-mouth, grassroots, communication is the heart of what we do! We are busy teachers helping other busy teachers reach their full salary potential through these fully online, self-paced, low-cost graduate education for teachers. Check out a selection of my favorite courses.

Take a look at what people are saying about our educational courses:


“I just completed all four modules for this course. Thank you again for making meaningful courses that do not take weeks to complete! I will be taking one more round of classes from the Connected Classroom next summer and then I am at masters plus 60! I tell all of my colleagues about the Connected Classroom and quite a few of them have decided to take courses.”


“Thank you! I have to be honest… I cheated on you. I did the cheap classes through the KNEA. They were SO much work and not applicable at all. I also got a B in that other [KNEA] class!!! So did my co-worker. I’ve been teaching for 23 years and got a B in differentiated instruction! Lesson learned!”


First Grade

Love, love, love this class! Couldn't recommend it more. I discovered so much about ADHD that I never knew. Looking forward to implementing the tools, tricks and techniques learned to help my students.”


Elementary School

Health and Physical Education Teacher

“Thanks so much for these classes! I have friends in my district who raved about them - fun, interesting and not overwhelming!!”


This was a wonderful book that has inspired me to acknowledge the challenges COVID, acknowledging the obstacles I have with my students' learning and setting myself up to finish the school year strong.

Shine on!


I have finished all four modules. I had no idea Ted Talks were so user friendly for classrooms. What a great course!

Thank you!


I will keep adding real reviews and applicable comments from teachers around the United States! You can keep up with all reviews here on our website!

Jennifer Hair is the Director and Instructor for Connected Classroom Courses. She has taught high school business and visual arts classes for 21 years at Shawnee Mission East High School in the Kansas City metropolitan area. She also teaches numerous self-paced, graduate education courses for teachers.

Hair family scenes from Summer 2022:

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