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INSTRUCTOR: Leah Huntley

3 Graduate Credit Hours (ED501 Level) through Colorado State Pueblo 


Catalog Description: We all have that student in our classroom who tends to be wiggly, fidgety, impulsive, scattered, disorganized, and emotional, but who is also undeniably lovable, funny, refreshing, and curious. At times we might find ourselves ready to scream and other times bursting into laughter because of the curveballs that come our way. This is not a diagnosis class, but rather an opportunity to learn more about ADHD characteristics and gather intervention strategies to support students so that they can succeed in school and build confidence as learners.


Course Objectives:

o Distinguish what is ADHD and what is not ADHD

o Determine steps to discussing topic with parents and administration

o Learn different ways to collect data

o Integrate physical activity into your daily schedule

o Choose academic and instructional accommodations to support our learners

o Analyze social implications for learners with ADHD characteristics

o Develop organizational strategies to support ADHD learners

o Plan ways to improve executive functioning skills

o Create a learning environment that encourages success for all learners



Required Text(s) and Other Materials:

All materials will be provided by instructor in the learning management system portal.

ADHD Interventions!

  • Leah Huntley is an award-winning, veteran elementary teacher. She is a total rock-star. Check out her bio information on the website. 

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