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Target discount banner.

This is NOT a drill, Target is offering 20% off the total purchase for a qualifying Target run for your classroom!

We love other deals this time of year such as the Adidas discount of 30% off (ready to be on our feet all day?) and Under Armour also gives 20% off to teachers (i.e. carry that ID in your wallet!)

One of my personal favorites for a few new pieces is J Crew/J Crew Factory for teachers AND students!

My husband is a high school basketball and football coach, so he applied for and received the LULULEMON SWEAT COLLECTIVE discount of 25% gear for his personal use. This didn't help us much of a family of 4 girls, until the twice a year FRIENDS AND FAMILY where he can receive 25% off ALL purchases. It typically comes in November, so we do a little holiday shopping early with that illusive Lululemon discount for clothing our teenagers are obsessed about.

Check out a few other discounts for teachers:

Salary Conversations

This time of year is also a time for many conversations around the meeting table of "how can we increase our salary?"

Many teachers work to supplement their income in the summers, but extra jobs are consuming physically and mentally during the school year (I know, it doesn't stop us, but nice thought) How would you like to make more money for your current job?

Read ways to get a salary increase this year from the University of San Diego:

Thank you Connected Classroom Courses community!

As always, thank you for being a part of our Connected world, and good luck with back to school prep this year - did you know you can earn graduate credit for getting your school off on the right foot? Check out Back to School Bootcamp!

We sincerely hope our Connected community had a wonderful summer and time of recharging and relaxing a bit before another exciting year and those eager (and not so eager) faces come into your classrooms. Thank you for a wonderful "professional development" season and just know we are already using your feedback in planning for new courses and formats in 2024!

My favorite principal ever in my 22 years of teaching always reminded us in staff meetings:

" Kids don't care what you know, until they know that you care"

Have a great week everyone!


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