3 Hours Graduate Credit through Colorado State University - Pueblo


Instructor:  Jennifer Hair 


GET CREDIT FOR THE WORK YOU ARE ALREADY DOING! Get your curriculum, classroom, mind and body ready for Fall 2021! 


Course Description: 

Over the course of a lifetime, master teachers are continuously improving their craft, listening to their students, re-tailoring lessons and finding the gaps in instructional practices. Becoming a master teacher takes continuous effort. To avoid the loss of enthusiasm or static practice, teachers need to focus on their own professional development. FINALLY, a course that recognizes teachers don’t have summers “off.” You are reflecting, re-tooling, re-evaluating the classroom and teaching constantly! Teachers spend so much of their summer physically and mentally preparing for welcoming students back to school.


Teachers learn new skills, change lesson plans, rearrange classroom learning and rearrange classrooms physically, learn and use new technologies and teaching methods over the course of the summer!



Course Objectives:

Have a working knowledge of technology practices and curriculum content as related to classroom instruction

Connect with other professionals within PLC communities

Analyze and articulate effective methods to manage and monitor knowledge of technology, content area and best practices.

Create learner-centered course content

Explore updated and best practices for functional and engaging LMS to act as a virtual classroom.

Describe previous methods and implement changes in curriculum for new school year

Describe changes made: new strategies and new classroom preparation

Back to School Bootcamp

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