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ED500 Social Emotional Learning

3 Graduate Credit Hours through Colorado State University - Pueblo

This course is transcripted as (S/U) Graduate Workshop 


Catalog Description

Social Emotional learning is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals. They learn how to feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions. This is a form of character building that is often misinterpreted by our community. We lack the understanding how to accomplish this properly in a school setting and why it is important.

As educators we are realizing more children are experiencing anxiety, bullying and other issues across the board starting in elementary school through high school. There has also been a rise in issues associated with anxiety, substance abuse, lack of school attendance, bullying and stress over social media. It is important that teachers have the skills to manage situations when anxiety or bullying presents itself in or around the classroom. This course will discuss and provide effective strategies that can safely be implemented in the classroom to promote a respectful and socially aware atmosphere. We will focus on communication, acceptance and promoting choice among students, so they feel more in control of their world. Participants will learn the basics of social emotional learning and how it can change their classrooms for the better. Everyone will be provided with useful books, activities and an opportunity to share their concerns.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, Participants will be able to:

  • Assess knowledge about why students bully and how this can be solved in any classroom with building relationships and social awareness.
  • Analyze many social issues that can cause students to “shut down” in the classroom.
  • Deconstruct alternative ways to teach objectives and meet curriculum guidelines while meeting the needs of all students.
  • Analyze how lack of support at home can create focus issues in the classroom.
  • Identify why workload and lack of organization can cause major anxiety in the classroom. Discuss how teachers can help solve this.
  • Generate ideas where all students feel heard and offered the same opportunities in their schools.
  • Assess appropriate behavior among students at school to create more social emotional learning for a high standard of equity and inclusion.
  • ) Formulate and plan appropriate social emotional learning techniques that can be taught in the classroom to build a strong community.



Learning Management System: Internet access, connection to Canvas learning management system portal.



Instructor: Tamara Sinkler


Social Emotional Learning

  • Once registration with Connected Classroom is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 72 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email or

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