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3 Hours Graduate Credit through CSU--Pueblo

Instructor: Jennifer Hair 

ED500 (S/U)


Course Description: This course is designed for all teachers, in all disciplines, and at all levels of education. Through a hands-on approach, participants will be able to create lessons and presentations that utilize several online presentation tools such as Canva, Adobe Express, Prezi, Mentimeter, Google Slides, Pear Deck and more! This course will help with FAST and EASY ways to WOW your students and make your presentations POP! Create inspiring, professional-looking content that makes your lessons stick. Use designer templates and find multiple libraries of images and ideas to make it FAST and EASY!



  • Create activities that incorporate highly dynamic presentations into the classroom  

  • Create lessons and activities that will promote interactive learning

  • Use collaborative tools within Prezi to find new lessons and activities

  • Use Canva to create and share presentations

  • Use Adobe Express to create and share presentations

  • Use Google Slides and Pear Deck to create engaging presentations and integrate them into Google Apps


Required Text(s) and Other Materials: All materials will be provided by the instructor in the learning management system portal. Optional Text.


Any questions? Email 


Presentations that POP!

  • Once registration with Connected Classroom is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 48 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email or


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