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3 Graduate Credit Hours (ED500) through Colorado State University - Pueblo


Credit Hours: 3

Format: Online Self-paced

Instructor: Mercedes Rasmussen; MA, M.Ed Email:

This courses is a graduate level ED500 course with a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory designation on transcript 


Catalog Description:


Being able to communicate with others is such an essential skill across all settings. It allows us to express our wants, needs, emotions and feelings and is core in building relationships. If our students do not know how to effectively and appropriately-communicate, challenging behaviors can, and do occur. Teaching communication skills may help reduce these challenging behaviors, while building confidence in students and helping foster successful social interactions. Teaching communication skills is unique in that all curriculum areas, across the board, can find a way to incorporate these skills into their normal daily activities. It also increases student’s ability to feel confident in different settings, being able to respond

Teaching communication also increases educational opportunities and students’ ability to participate in different settings. The more a student can communicate and respond to others independently, the more they will be able to participate in a variety of educational environments and beyond. As teachers, we too need to work on our own communication skills to better connect with our students in our classrooms and staff throughout our buildings.


Required Text(s) and Other Materials:

All materials will be provided by the instructor in the Canvas classroom.

Learning Management System: Internet access, connection to Canvas learning management system portal.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

· Evaluate their learning style and set goals for change in communication

· See the educational system through a different scope

· Adjust teaching styles to meet the needs of today’s generation

· Better create connections between community and students and workforce needs

· Assist students in moving outside of their comfort zone

· Focus on positivity and resolve the negative conflicts surrounding schools

Look Who's Talking: Building Student and Teacher Communication Skills

  • Mercedes Rasmussen, M.A, M.Ed., is a business teacher and DECA sponsor with 25 years of experience in the secondary classroom and 2 years of experience as an instructor at the University level in the area of Teacher Education. She believes in the power of building strong relationships with students and building a warm and welcoming classroom environment. In her free time Mercedes enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 sons. She is passionate about helping teachers enhance and build curriculum that engages students and helps to build excitement and confidence.

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