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Strong leaders of tomorrow start their journey today in our classrooms. Students who can communicate and direct their learning towards individualized interests are more likely to take initiative to act and use their creative and analytical thinking skills outside the classroom. With this FREE online web tool (and iOS apps!) Adobe Spark anyone can create authentic, professional looking visual content for their project, passion or business! Adobe Spark is a GAME-CHANGER that is easy to use and share!  Create dynamic materials for lesson planning or student content-curation to tell a story through the use of impactful social graphics (Posts), web stories (Pages), and animated videos (Videos). Ideal for ALL levels, curriculum and comfort levels of technology. Learn how to help students self-publish!


You will be emailed course access within 48 hours from Jennifer Hair at Connected Classroom Courses.


If you do NOT hear within 48 hours please email


This course is worth 1 LAUSD Salary Point approximately 37.5 online hours

LAUSD Salary Point Course: Digital Storytelling & Web Graphics Using Adobe Spark

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