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3 Hours Graduate Credit through CSU--Pueblo

Instructor: Jennifer Hair 

ED500 (S/U)


Catalog Description: 

Teacher Instagram, or Teachergrams, have exploded over the past few years. Teachers in all areas are using it for a variety of reasons and this course is a great way to explore if you want to join the crew! Instagram is a great social media platform and resource for teachers! Meet and connect with other educators, find teaching ideas, expand experience with others right from the comfort of your own home. Instagram is a growing medium that features powerful immediacy and graphic impact. Your class is never boring, so remind your students and show the community all the fun you are having on a regular basis. When students complete a cool activity or go on a field trip, you can use Instagram to capture these memories. Teachers feel more connected, supported and inspired than ever before thanks to this online platform. 


Required Text(s) and Other Materials: 

All materials will be provided by the instructor in the learning management system portal.


Any questions? Email 


Instagram for Teachers

  • Once registration with Connected Classroom is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 48 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email or


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