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3 Hours Graduate Credit through Colorado State University - Pueblo



Instructor:  Jennifer Hair 




Catalog Description: 

Life is busy, and teaching is even busier than before! So where do you turn when you want support, ideas and inspiration? You go to virtual teachers’ lounges (aka teacher Facebook groups)!  Facebook Groups offer a place to share your journey with a like-minded community. If you even had time to catch up with colleagues in the teachers’ lounge, you might have still felt a little uninspired or isolated. Perhaps you were the only art teacher in your school, or librarian, or technology coach. Trying to meet with like-minded individuals in other schools and districts can be a laborious option too. For so many educators around the world, Facebook groups have solved these problems. Teachers can feel more connected, supported, and inspired than ever before thanks to online communities that are available 24/7. Come join millions of educators progressing into the 21st century through this form of networking and timely collaboration! 


Required Text(s) and Other Materials: 

All materials will be provided by the instructor in the learning management system portal. 

Optional Text


Course Objectives:   

  • Create and expand personal and professional virtual PLC through vetted Facebook Groups

  • Create and build a virtual PLN

  • Connect with other professionals within PLC communities

  • Analyze and articulate effective methods to manage and monitor knowledge of technology, content area and best practices.

  • Create learner-centered course content

  • Join Facebook Groups that promote collaboration, connections and creativity

  • Share demonstrated changes made through intentional social media connections 

Facebook for Educators: A Lifeline for Teacher Resources

  • Once registration is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 48 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email

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