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9 Hours Graduate Credit through Colorado State University - Pueblo

ED501: Adobe Creative Express: Easy Online Graphics for your Classroom

ED500: Canva for Education: Fast, Easy and Free Graphics for Teachers

ED500: Presentations that POP 


Instructor:  Jennifer Hair 


Please note, ED500 courses are transcripted as S/U. ED501 courses are transcripted as letter grades. 



Save time and money! 

MAXIMIZE EFFORT! 3 in 1 course! Compacted effort for 3 classes in 1 (ish) for 9 hours of credit...


Catalog Description: 

Adobe Express and Canva are the “go-to” free web-based tools for visual design and creative projects for not only students but teachers too! They are both very easy to use and have so much flexibility built into the robust free programs, not to mention THOUSANDS of templates at your fingertips! Why reinvent the wheel? This dynamic graduate course will empower teachers teaching all age levels and curricular areas to delve into the user-friendly graphic design platform! Let us help you realize just how easy it is to enhance your classroom materials, presentations, and communication and promote creativity in your classroom! By the end of this course, teachers will have the knowledge, confidence, and skills to use Adobe Creative Express and Canva creatively, making classrooms visually engaging and educational. Design professional-looking infographics, anchor charts, posters, calendars, planners, announcements, and more in just a few clicks - it is THAT easy!


Required Text(s) and Other Materials: 

All materials will be provided by the instructor in the learning management system portal. 

Optional Text


Course Objectives:   

Navigate Canva and Adobe Creative Express Efficiently

Demonstrate proficiency in using their interface, including accessing templates, elements, and design tools.

Apply Graphic Design Principles

Apply fundamental principles of design, such as color theory, typography, and layout, to create visually appealing graphics.

Enhance Presentations: Utilize both Adobe Creative Express and Canva to transform traditional presentations, creating visually engaging and effective slides for classroom instruction

Develop Educational Materials

Design and produce educational materials, including worksheets, handouts, and infographics, to support student learning.

Establish Classroom/Personal Branding

Create a consistent visual identity for the classroom, incorporating personalized graphics for announcements, assignments, and events

Facilitate Learning with Interactive Graphics

Leverage Canva to create interactive graphics and multimedia content that enhance engagement in all educational environments

Integrate Graphics into Online Communication

Develop strategies for incorporating graphics into various online communication channels, including emails, websites, and social media, to effectively communicate with students and parents


EASY Classroom Graphics Course Bundle: Bring Learning to Life!

  • Once registration is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 48 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email

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