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3 Hours Graduate Level Credit (ED501) through Colorado State University - Pueblo

Course Facilitator: Lin Mohr

Instructor of Record: Jennifer Hair 



Course Description: 

This course presents an honest and frank discussion for some of the most challenging issues facing students and teachers in 21st-century classrooms. Our aim is to help educators facilitate productive conversations with students about these issues and design lessons with a laser-focus on equity. With the strategies from this course, participants will be able to intentionally plan lessons to close the equity gap and also talk about difficult topics with students by reinforcing the value of listening and honest sharing, and promoting a culture of courageous, inclusive, and empathetic learning environment towards achieving equity in online and hybrid classrooms. 


Required Text(s) and Other Materials:

All materials will be provided through open educational resources by the instructor in the Canvas classroom free of cost.


Learning Management System: Internet access, connection to Canvas learning management system portal.



Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate personal biases that may impact teaching and learning and impede positive classroom conversations.  

  • Create strategies for discussing issues related to race and gender in a supportive and positive way in the classroom environment.  

  • Promote inclusivity and feelings of safety in the classroom environment through frank discussions of poverty and violence as they impact students.  

  • Implement strategies for fostering inclusivity through conversations about social phobias and bias.  

  • Develop and Design equitable practices in online and hybrid classrooms( part of the students attend school by physically being in the classroom and part of the class join remotely)

Achieve Equity in Online and Hybrid Classroom

  • Once registration is complete, you will receive a welcome letter from the instructor within 48 hours with access codes and instructions for the course. If you do NOT hear from the instructor, please email

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