3 Graduate Credit Hours (500 Level) through Colorado State Pueblo with a (S/U) on transcript


Catalog Description: Do you want to know how amazing you really are as a teacher? Simulate a teacher interview. This class leads participants on a path of self-discovery by utilizing articles, videos of mock interviews, and the book Ace Your Teacher Interview (Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed. D). By studying the different themes explored in an interview, you will recognize the positive contributions you make every day in the classroom. The end result is a reconnection with the love of teaching, an ability to acknowledge your strengths as an educator and areas you’d like to improve upon. By the end of this class, you won’t have a choice but to admit that you really are the best person for the job.


The “7 Steps to Teacher Reflection” include:

1. Philosophy of Teaching & Characteristics of a Strong Educator

2. Classroom Management & Supporting Student Differences

3. Parent Communication

4. Assessment

5. Hot Topics in Education

6. Technology in the Classroom

7. List and Explain Items in a Portfolio


Materials Needed: Computer, book Ace Your Teacher Interview, by Anthony D. Fredericks (available at, Amazon, other book outlets, and many public libraries)

Teacher Reflection in 7 Easy Steps!

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