3 Hours Graduate Credit through Colorado State University - Pueblo


Instructor:  Jennifer Hair 


Catalog Description: Teachers are some of the most amazing humans on the planet. The amount of time, thought, planning and delivering of online content in the blink of an eye this past Spring was nothing short of a miracle. Teachers were heroes to so many students. If campuses are still off-limits to students come September, this spring's version of remote learning won't suffice. Distance teachers can (quietly) prepare to deliver better online learning at scale if needed. Designing an entire online course takes thoughtful planning and a fair amount of preparation. But moving elements of a face-to-face course online to maintain teaching continuity through disruptions can be done fairly efficiently, especially when faculty are willing to learn the basics of a new tool or two. Flexibility is important, both for faculty and students. Keep in mind that students who can’t attend class might have limited Internet access or need to keep up with class using nothing more than a phone. This course will focus on video conferencing, learning management systems, screen recording software while focusing on what went well and how to move forward to 2020-2021. 

Remote Teaching & Distance Learning in the Age of COVID-19 3 Grad Hour Option

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