Course Description: This class presents new research, videos, formats, and reasons why class meetings are an effective way to encourage a positive learning environment for your students. Each week we will target a different theme, so you have the tools necessary to successfully launch class meetings in your classroom.


Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

· Compare current use/non-use of class meetings to structured formats that target specific issues to positively impact your learners.

· Design lessons for class meetings that:

o Highlight giving compliments

o Build a community of trust

o Give students ownership of their classroom

o Dissect emotions and how to handle common situations

o Address characteristics of life skills and how to discuss them with your class

o Help students find solutions to school problems

o Encourage students to help others

· Justify the importance of class meetings when establishing positive classroom management.

Class Meetings to Create a Positive Learning Environment

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