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Promotional Image for Big Sonia.

About Big Sonia...(taken from official website)

Standing tall at 4’8″, Sonia Warshawski (91) is one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors in Kansas City and one of the only survivors there who speaks publicly about her wartime experience. Sonia’s enormous personality and fragile frame mask the horrors she endured. At 15 she watched her mother disappear behind gas chamber doors. Sonia’s teenage years were a blur of concentration camps and death marches. On liberation day, she was accidentally shot through the chest, yet again miraculously survived. Sonia is the ultimate survivor, a bridge between cultures and generations. Her story must never be forgotten.

Big Sonia
is such a powerful story and that was shared with our metro Kansas City area high school staff, when Connected Classroom saw it was being featured on PBS stations this month we wanted to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS for all educators to watch and share this powerful story that "must never be forgotten." We feel blessed and energized we get to interact with Sonia personally over the years in her legendary tailor business, smiles, advice and laughter. 

Aligned with Connected Classroom Course guiding principles of providing relevant, meaningful and manageable professional development for the busy educator we didn't want to pass up an opportunity  to pass the story of Big Sonia to educators across the United States, AND get graduate credit for your time and reflections utilizing this important documentary as a cornerstone. 


How do I get 3 hours of graduate credit?

1. Sign up for either the Choose Your Own Adventure or BYOD (Build Your Own Development) links are below

2. Instructor will send course access information and how to register with CSU-Pueblo (no additional cost to educator)

3. While you are waiting for course access, watch the documentary on PBS or catch a time live. 
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